Are you worried about vegetables, fruits and foods contamination?  KilGerms plasma water is effective in removing remnant bacteria, germs and fertilizer contaminants before cooking or storage. Sterilizing with KilGerms plasma water enables food to be stored longer without spoilage. (OR) When sterilized with KilGerms plasma water, food can be stored longer without spoilage.  

Fishy or meaty smell?  KilGerms plasma water is a strong deodorizing agent, and it eradicates bacteria or germs which may cause the smell.  And, it removes fishy or meaty smell effectively. For longer storage, it is always recommended to sterilize the fishes or meats in the KliGerms plasma water prior to storage.

KilGerms plasma water sterilizer has been tested and verified by an ELITE member of Centers for Diseases Control & Prevention Agency with the following results: