Q: Is the KilGerms solution poisonous?

A: No, it is safe to use on all animal species and is effective at all life stages.

Q: Can the solution be consumed?

A: The solution is non-toxic and will not harm healthy tissue. However, we do not recommend intentional consumption of the KilGerms solution.

Q: How many times can I spray on my skin?

A: As many times as required. The Kilgerms solution does not contain steroids, alcohols or antibiotics and thus does not dry up your skin or have dosage limitations.

Q: What happens if my pet accidentally licks up the solution?

A: The KilGerms solution is non-toxic and animal friendly.

Q: Is it safe to use the AirCleanser everyday?

A: Yes, the KilGerms solution added to the AirCleanser is non-toxic and safe to breathe. We do advise diluting the solution by adding 1 part of KilGerms solution to 4 parts of water to achieve an optimal concentration for air disinfection.

Q: What happens if I accidentally drop and break my bottle?

A: Replacement bottles are available for purchase should you damage your bottle. The KP800 spray bottle is made of ABS plastic but may still crack if dropped on hard surfaces. If this is a concern, we suggest transferring the solution from the KilGerms spray bottle after processing to a regular plastic spray bottle for everyday use.

Q: Would there be any residue left on my vegetables/meat after washing with KilGerms solution?

A: We recommend one water rinse after washing with KilGerms solution. Countries such as Japan, Korea and the USA have approved the application of Hypochlorous acid to foods such as raw vegetables and meats to reduce microbial contamination and extend their shelf life. Studies have shown that the residual chlorine was reduced to 0.03 parts per million after one rinse with water. Similar studies with chemically chlorinated water required 4 water rinses to reduce residual chlorine to similar levels.

Q: What is the shelf life of the KilGerms solution?

A: The KilGerms solution can remain effective for up to 3 months if stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Q: Is the KilGerms solution bleach? And why is it so safe to use?

A: Bleach is corrosive, toxic, will burn, generates fumes/vapors and is not safe for use on skin or wounds. In addition, stabilized bleach has a pH of >11. KilGerms is a hypochlorous solution that is safe, non-toxic and pH balanced. KilGerms solution is generated at a neutral pH and will not harm healthy tissue.

Q: Has Kilgerms been tested ?

A: Yes, Kilgerms has been tested by TÜV SÜD (Singapore) and BCS Laboratories (Florida) on a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Furthermore, there have been many published scientific papers on the effectiveness of Hypochlorous acid on microorganisms.