cleaningkilgermsKilGerms Plasma Water is a Superior Cleaner and Sanitizer 

KilGerms plasma water technology produces a cleaning and/or sanitizing agent through the electrolysis of a solution of sodium chloride and water. The system produces Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a weak acid but powerful and natural sanitizer also produced by the human body to fight infection. KilGerms plasma water sanitizes rapidly without the need for heating or toxic chemicals and, as it is produced from readily available natural materials, offers a highly sustainable sanitation and cleaning solution. The technology uniquely generates fluids at the required concentration with no mixing or dilution required. Without the need to add dilution water,KilGerms plasma water provides superior cleaning and sanitizing as every drop of the solution has been electrolyzed.

Superior cleaning and sanitizing without the need for heating or toxic chemical offers reduced cleaning times and increased plant running times. For the beverage company, this is especially critical during seasonal production peaks where maximizing production times is critical to the business. KilGerms plasma water delivers drastically reduced bottle-to-bottle downtime. Typically the time savings is over 50 percent and in many cases this supports the beverage company’s ‘just in time’ production approach, which requires smaller batch runs and more frequent product changeovers.

KilGerms industrial continuous production of plasma water in large volumes meet the needs of the company’s large facilities. The current systems are fully automated and operators only need to check the salt solution levels within the system on a regular basis.

Traditional technology uses concentrated chemicals shipped to site which are often applied at elevated temperatures. KilGerms plasma water is produced on site in volumes to match site demands at any particular time, eliminating waste production and reducing water consumption. Cleaning and sanitizing at ambient temperature reduces the energy consumed for the process and, using just salt and water to create the fluids, both the cleaner and sanitizer are inherently safe and produce a safer, easy-to-handle waste water stream.

The on-demand production of cleaning/sanitizing fluid to match the plant’s needs and the improvements in the cleaning process reduce water consumption related to the cleaning and sanitizing processes by an estimated 20-40 percent per year. The use of ambient solutions further reduces maintenance costs associated with the thermal stresses from hot or chemical processes.KilGerms plasma water minimizes the impact on the environment with a reduced carbon footprint, reduced water usage and a safe, sustainable production methodology.

KilGerms plasma water systems have delivered significant improvements to plant working conditions. The automation of the system provides a much simpler process. The inherent safety of the fluids, coupled with the ambient temperature application also significantly reduces risks to safety of personnel, who no longer need to be concerned about chemical vapors, risk of caustic burns or hot machinery surfaces during the cycles. The value of personnel safety is sometimes difficult to evaluate in monetary terms but is surely one of the most important benefits of the system.