Dr Eugene Lin, The Animal Ark Veterinary Group

Kilgerms products have helped our business reduce the usage of various chemicals around our veterinary practice. The non-toxic nature of the Kilgerms solution is friendly to our patients and staff, making it incredibly simple to use. Now, we use Kilgerms to disinfect and deodorise our surfaces, equipment and even air!

Dr Lee See Yang, United Veterinary Clinic

Kilgerms is an amazing product. It is the most user-friendly antiseptic/disinfectant I have used. I use it daily at my practice to disinfect open wounds and aid recovery. I have also found it particularly effective in treating skin problems and removing odours. Thank you Kilgerms!

Ms Estelle Tayler, Owner, The Waggington, luxury pet hotels and resorts

Everyday, we used to spend hours applying many different kinds of chemicals to disinfect and deodorise our dog play areas with less than satisfactory results. Now using Kilgerms, the only ingredient we need is salt! Now we spend half the time and effort on cleanup and all odours are removed, leaving the place smelling fresh. The best of all, it is non-toxic and pet friendly!

Dr Kerrie Lek Qin Ying, Passion Veterinary Clinic

We started using Kilgerms disinfectant generator to disinfect and deodorise our cages as well as various surfaces around our clinic and more recently, wound care for our patients. Kilgerms effortlessly removes lingering odours and we have been very satisfied with the results. I have also been using the AirCleanser in my consultation room and now I am less prone to falling sick. Thank you Kilgerms!

Mr Hurb Leong, Owner, Up for Paws

Ever since we purchased our Kilgerms disinfectant generator, it has replaced the use for many of our cleaning and disinfecting chemicals. We now use Kilgerms constantly all around our daycare to disinfect surfaces and remove odours.

Mr Victor Wong, home user

I use Kilgerms solution with a towel to rub my dog down every day after walks. In addition, I apply Kilgerms to any pet “accidents” around the house. Now my place smells so much fresher.

Dr Li, a home owner

The powerful nature of KilGerms was able to remove odours in the bomb shelter that other traditional air purifiers could not! Additionally, KilGerms is well suited to a home use where its non-toxic nature does not jeopardise the elderly or young when they handle it